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Fishing and Hunting Clubs and 2018 Trinity Lake Fishing Map and Fishing Report, Where and How to Fish this Lake

 2018 Trinity Lake Fishing Map, Fishing Report and local Fishing and Hunting Clubs

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Trinity Lake is the best small-mouth lake in all of California, maybe in the entire western USA.   9 pounder, the largest on record, came from here.  A special  limit (2 of 12 inches or more) during spawning  provides incredible fishing on over 150 miles of shoreline throughout spring and summer.
  Bass are into the spawn in the Spring, and  best fishing of the entire year is on tap in the first few days of May when the bigger bass move into shallows.   You  should match your bait or lures to the fish you’re after: Bass up to the foot-long  are after mostly on insects, the larger fish eat  minnows.
 ln Trinity, try and match kokanee  and young brown bullhead catfish.  Also fish trout mimic plugs, larger  fish go after the planted trout here, so  Rebels and other plugs
As our fishing map shows,  generally find bronzebacks  in smallmouth habitat, they like  rocky-type structures.  A  lake bed that is full of rocky ledges and drop-offs  perfectly suited to smallmouth.
 The largemouths, however, are along  the banks sheltered from the wind, such as at  Squirrel Gulch, according to our fishing report. 
The lake is almost 13 miles long and  doesn't get as much  pressure as other lakes,  you have to go a little further off Hwy. 5 for Trinity, so Lake Shasta gets the bulk of anglers.  And, the fish at Trinity Lake  are “natural”, as it flooded  out the dredger ponds which provided the new lake with numbers of bass and green sunfish from them.
According to our fishing report, Crankbaits  can arouse the interest of a bronzeback  at springtime.  Bead headed plastic worms and jigs  also work.  In Spring you can get  bass from  the bank at Squirrel Gulch.  Other good spots for bank fishing are the upper  end of the dredger piles, off Trinity Center, the  upper ends of Stuart Fork and the east fork of  Stuart Fork, Mule Creek, at Estrelita Marina, Fair- 

Don’t forget the Trout Fishing at Trinity!

Our fishing report for 2016 shows an annual plant of 80,000 trout at catch-able size, planted heavily at both ends in  March and April, that are 9 to 13 inches, and you can catch rainbows up to 20 inches.  The big  browns  to 8 pounds and  better are landed each year.
By August they habitate in water 40  feet deep, so the key to finding the trout is to use some kind  of temperature gauge. But for the  Spring, the water is still cool, so bait‘s your  best bet by still fishing  at areas where fresh water comes  into the lake.    

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